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MyNotify provides every website the same tools that Amazon and eBay use to supercharge their sales. Build confidence and trust with Social Proof and Create Urgency with live data.

The average eCommerce site converts just 3% of visits into sales. The best websites convert 5X more often.
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How real-time Social Proof works for
eCommerce sites in 2020

Adding Social Proof to an eCommerce site has been shown to increase conversions and generate millions of dollars in added revenue.

40% of people only care about reviews from the last 2 weeks.

Reduce abandoned checkouts

Increase the ROI of
your paid ads

Grow faster,

Succeed where 80% of people fail

Only 20% of new eCommerce websites succeed. Nudgify removes the obstacles that make life harder for your business.

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Checkout Anxiety

1 in 5 people who abandon a purchase are worried about checkout security


Social Proof

Use Social Proof Widgets to show that your site is trustworthy

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With MyNotify

Hidden Extras

53% of abandoned purchases are due to last- minute costs (such as shipping)



Use a Free Delivery Info on your widget to remove nasty surprises

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With MyNotify

Brand Concerns

Over half of people won’t use a business unless it has over 4-stars


Social Proof

A Review Notification lets you to share Google and Trustpilot reviews

Remove friction from your funnel

Informational Notifications allow you to give accurate information about delivery costs at any stage in the purchase funnel which can influence the buying decisions of customers.

In a recent consumer survey, 80% said the speed and cost of shipping influenced their buying decisions.

Close more sales by earning trust

Review Notifications allow you to show real reviews from Trustpilot or Google Places anywhere on your website to close more sales. Integrations like these makes MyNotify a powerful eCommerce social proof solution.

91% of 18-30 year olds trust consumer reviews as much as personal recommendations

Get a better ROI from digital ads

By adding FOMO Notifications and Creating Urgency on your website, you can influence customers to take action and drive more sales from the traffic you get. That way, your ROI keeps growing.

Advertising is expensive. Since 2017, digital ads costs have risen five times faster than inflation.
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