Social Proof for Fashion Brands

MyNotify helps you turn browsers into buyers. Countdown Collector Notifications set deadlines for them to make a decision and FOMO encourage these browsers to take action.

Customers are often paralysed by choice. Fashion eCommerce sites sell to less than 6% of visitors. That means 94% of visitors don’t buy anything!
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Michael Goldie

Bizz Finance

Why MyNotify is perfect for fashion and eCommerce

In person, your products sell themselves. Online, though, it’s harder to show them off – and customers have unlimited choice. A good website can increase conversions, enhance order values and even reduce your return rate.

Turn more browsers
into buyers

Add extras to the
shopping basket

Give customers all the
information they need

Reduce cart abandonment

74% of the clothes that shoppers add to their cart are abandoned. They’re worried that:
1) the clothes won’t fit 2) they won’t look right 3) there’s a better offer elsewhere.

MyNotify helps you to deal with all these worries and reduce cart abandonment.

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

The Information Gap

Customers are worried that their purchases won’t fit or look right


Social Proof

Use Social Proof Widgets to give reviews about quality and fit to hesitant buyers

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Checkout Frustration

Customers don’t like waiting or paying extra for delivery



Use a Free Delivery Info on your widget to reduce friction and increase basket value

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Choice Paralysis

Customers don’t commit because they have so many optionsrs



Use Countdown Collector Widget to set a deadline for the purchase decision

Make 16% more sales with better CX

By adding Review Notifications to your product pages, you can create a friendlier retail experience and build confidence and trust in your brand.

What separates luxury brands from the bargain basement? A better customer experience (CX) could increase your average order value by 16%.

Squeeze more sales from unloved items

MyNotify allows you to guide customers through your website, adding cross-sells and advertising reduced items. That means you sell more long-tail items and squeeze more sales.

What do H&M, Burberry or Nike do with the stock they can’t sell? They burn it. 80% of retail revenue comes from 20% of items – so how do avoid burning your profits?

Halve the $Billion cost of returns, like ASOS

MyNotify can cut these costs in half by giving customers the information they need. Custom or review notifications show customer reviews on sizing and fit to avoid product return.

While 1/3 of everything sold online is returned and costs stores billions of dollars a year, 83% of UK shoppers rely on user-generated content to judge sizes.

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