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Get Data

There are 2 ways to send data to PopKit : Webhooks & Auto-Capture Data


1. Auto-Capture Data
2. Webhooks

a) Example of a Zap to get the geographical information for Recent Conversion

‍1. Auto-Capture Data:

All you have to do is to indicate the url where the conversion is done. Auto Capture option will try to automatically detect when a form has been submitted and record that data for you. ( Password fields will never be captured )

2. Webhooks:

For Conversions Counter & Latest Conversion, we allow you to send Data to us from third-party applications. Data can be sent to your Webhook Endpoint which is provided in the Conversion Feed Installation Panel.

This Data can be sent through any application that supports Webhooks or you can send Data to us through Zapier or Integromat.

a) Get geographical information for Recent Conversion with Zapier

The first step is to have primary information about your contact information. For the moment MyNotify is not yet able to read the country of one of your contacts via auto capture data (an update is expected in February). Once you have the primary information, choose “GET”, then the app “Webhooks by Zapier”.

‍The second step is to GET the information you need from your contact’s IP address. In the url, you can indicate

‍The last step is to send the data to your Webhooks. Make sure to indicate the Webhooks url of your notification.

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