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HubSpot CMS

How to install MyNotify with HubSpot?

A direct integration is being created for this tool. Follow the steps below to install MyNotify on your website

1.) Get your MyNotify code

Login to your MyNotify account and click on the elipsis button from the campaign you want to install on your website.

2.) Copy your MyNotify code

Select “Copy code” from the section.

3.) Log into your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar and in the left sidebar menu, navigate to Website > Pages.

4.) In the upper left, click theChoose a domain to edit its settings dropdown menu to select the domain you want to update settings for. 

5.) Add your code snippets to the header or footer HTML of all pages and blog posts hosted on the selected domains.

  1. Site header HTML 
  2. Site footer HTML

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