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MyNotify enables you to build and improve each stage of the customer experience, in a subtle way.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
Mynotify’s tiny little widget boosted my conversion rate of up to 15% within just 72 hours of installing it on my website! Wow.


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Why customer experience matters even more in 2020

The highest rated business opportunity in 2020 in webmarketing is providing a better Customer Experience (Econsultancy and Adobe in Annual Digital Trends Report)

Earn more referrals

Increase customer retention

Spend less on advertising

Improve each stage of your customer experience with on-site Notifications

Big businesses pour billions into web design and software, sending millions of emails no-one will open. Instead, MyNotify engages customers on your site, improving every stage of the customer experience

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify


Doubt creates friction and friction leads to inaction


Reduce Friction

Notifications actively dissipate doubt by proactively addressing potential friction such as Free delivery information

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Negativity Bias

Customers mainly share bad experiences, so good ones go unnoticed


Social Proof

Social Proof Notifications highlight the best customers experiences, not the worst ones

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Lack of Resources

Improving customer experience requires time and technical resources that are usually scarce


Easy Install

MyNotify has built-in knowledge and requires virtually no setup and no maintenance

Turn hesitaters into buyers

Review Notifications display your best reviews in real time on your product pages and increases a visitor’s desire to commit to a purchase.

90% of customers say reading positive online reviews has a significant influence on purchase decision. (Source: Dimensional Research)

Improve each part of the customer experience

MyNotify enables you to create spectacular moments whilst a customer is browsing, improving their experience at every stage.

Most stores only talk to customers through emails. By taking the time to fill in the blanks that copywriters leave, you can iron out the kinks in your sales funnel.

Answer FAQs on the page

Informational Notifications enable you to answer any question exactly where it occurs and even connect to the relevant documentation.

Most websites have an FAQ section, but some customers still have to search for answers. You can save shoppers time and worry by adding FAQ answers to the relevant page.

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