Increase Conversion Rate

Turn More Traffic Into Sales

Social Proof Notifications give your customers the confidence to buy your product and Urgency Nudges give them a deadline.

The best websites turn 5X more visitors into customers by creating desire, building trust and adding Urgency.

My Notify Massively improved onsite conversion. Simple and effective social proof for purchasers.


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Why your conversion rate matters even more in 2020

In 4 years, Google related searches for Conversion Rate Optimization doubled! Why? Because increasing your conversion rate provides the biggest ROI of all marketing strategies according to a survey by Neil Patel.

More customers added to your database

Better ROI from Google Ads

Grow faster with less risk

How the best websites increase conversion rates

The most effective stores get up to 5 times more sales per visitor.

MyNotify helps you to get there, the easy way!

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It’s hard to show customers they can trust you – you have to prove it


Social Proof

Use Social Proof Notifications to build trust in your products by showing how popular they are

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Decision Paralysis

Most people don’t buy straight away – they shop around



FOMO Notification on your product pages stop customers procrastinating

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Paying for something hurts, and people often give up halfway through


Reduce Friction

Informational Notifications on your category and product pages help secure each sale

Boost sales with Social Proof

MyNotify can boost your sales by displaying reviews, recent purchases and testimonials automatically.

One customer review can increase conversion rates by over 10% while multiple reviews can boost them by 44%. Social Proof ensures the money spent on ads doesn’t go to waste.

Speed up decisions with FOMO and Urgency

Adding a FOMO Notification to your page gives your customers a good reason to take action and buy your product. You can even set a time limit with a Countdown Collector Notification.

When you set a deadline on your offer, or there’s limited stock available, customers want them more and make a decision sooner.

Reduce abandoned carts by up to 35%

MyNotify ensures your customers do not abandon their carts due to worries about hidden costs or security.

Over half of all purchases fall at the final hurdle due to something avoidable. Giving the right information at your checkout can reduce abandonment by 35%

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