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Showing visitors how many others have signed-up recently will increase their desire to do the same. You don’t want to miss out on something here.

The average webpage collects emails from only 1.95% of visitors. The top 10% get 4.77% or more. A very small change to your sign-up process could significantly increase the impact of your email marketing.

Saw quick results in all our websites using Mynotify. Our organic leads were doubled in the first month and still seeing an increase in conversions. Its been incredible.

Michael Goldie

Bizz Finance

Why increasing sign-ups is better than increasing other channels

McKinsey measured that email campaigns are almost 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter in helping your business acquire new customers – and that the average order value of the sales they drive is 3 times higher than those created through a social media post.

Get more qualified leads for your business

Increase your Marketing ROI

Outperform other acquisition channels

Let MyNotify make your sign-up
easy and irresistible

Customers sign up for lists that offer them something and avoid ones that look like they will spam them. MyNotify helps you to increase sign ups by showing that yours is the right kind of list.

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Doubts & Suspicions

Customers don’t know if they can trust your website


Social Proof

Use Social Proof to show that people have signed-up and benefitted from it

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Low Motivation

Customers don’t have a good enough reason to sign-up


Custom Notifications

Custom Notifications are the perfect way to introduce an incentive

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Risk Aversion

Users had a negative experience with sites they subscribed to previously



Notifications don’t interrupt or intrude – they are a customer-friendly pop-up alternative

Find pop-ups annoying or intrusive?

If you don’t want to use pop-ups on your website, then MyNotify is the best app to achieve similar opt-in rates… but much less intrusively.

Notifications don’t interrupt your users – but they draw their attention. That’s why Notifications work for both marketers and customers, whether you use pop-ups or not.

Offer incentives and show benefits

Notifications allow you to explain all the benefits of signing up, without making your forms too crowded. You can easily test and improve your sales pitch.

Even the easiest sign-up forms won’t work if a visitor isn’t motivated enough to complete them. You need to give them a reason to do it, with a value proposition, a lead magnet, or both.

Address doubts with real proof

By simply showing users examples of previous subscribers, you can answer their doubts immediately.

Anyone who thinks about signing up to your email list worries about how secure their data is and how it will be used.

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