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MyNotify is a flexible marketing tool for agencies, which combines a Social Proof app, reviews platform and customer experience solution.

MyNotify are tailored to various industries and can be installed on any website in minutes. With the team management portal, you can give your clients access to MyNotify as part of your offer.

The average eCommerce site converts just 3% of visits into sales. The best websites convert 5X more often.
Mynotify is an Awesome tool that generates a lot of extra sales for my online store. Also, the best support I have encountered for a long time!


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Why MyNotify is the best Social Proof App For Marketing Agencies

MyNotify is a versatile tool that can help you attract new leads and deliver results for your clients. The Agency plan provides Social Proof notifications at scale, so you get even more value as your business grows. With Team Management, you control how much access your clients have to their Nudges.

Create more brand interactions with customised Nudges

Get a 30% discount when you install on 3 or more websites.

Give clients access to Nudgify as part of your offer

Add Social Proof Notifications To Your Project Template

MyNotify has a solution for every stage of your projects. Adding Social Proof to your website helps you to find new clients, and installing Notifications on their websites helps you deliver on their goals.


Show client testimonials on your website to attract new business



Boost sales and sign-ups immediately – so you sail through the trial period



Demonstrate your impact in real-time, with built-in MyNotify Analytics.



Add notes to your clients’ website as it changes – so visitors aren’t confused

Get More Clients With Social Proof

Indemnity clauses and NDAs only go so far; your marketing agency needs to build trust so that clients also trust you with their website.

60% of marketing agencies say that “finding new clients” is their biggest obstacle.

Boost Your Clients’ Sales and Sign-Ups

Giving your clients a quick sales boost is the best way to turn a trial period into a retainer. Unfortunately, it takes time to analyse data and create a marketing strategy.

MyNotify automatically increases conversions for your clients — so they have a good reason to extend your contract. That way, you can spend more time on research, planning and content.

Popularity Nudges boost sales and sign-ups by up to 15%, whilst customer reviews can generate 44% more conversions.

Add Value To Your Services

If you offer PPC services, landing page creation is an important upsell. A high-converting landing page will also make your PPC campaigns more profitable.

Adding “Sales Pops” to your landing pages increases your conversions, adding value to your service.

64% of digital marketing agencies charge extra for landing page creation.

Discover all your favorite tools to integrate with MyNotify

Maximize your conversions by +120%

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