My Notify helps build trust and improve sales

Make real activity visible to your site’s visitor, with our app it’s guaranteed to increase your site’s engagement and conversion.

FOMO Notifications

Make your visitors take action earlier – by increasing desire with a FOMO notifcation. MyNotify allows you to show when an item or product is selling out, so your customers stop hesitating and rush to the checkout.

Social Proof Notifications

Our social proof notification turns real-time data into social proof notifications. These notifications show how busy your website is and instantly build trust. MyNotify notification shows recent sales, so customers know that other customers already trust your brand and use your products.

Lead Capture

Build pop-up forms your visitors actually respond to, and drive more conversions. 

Most visitors who come to your website never convert. With MyNotify lead cature form, your visitors have a frictionless experience where they get the content they’re looking for, and you get the conversion. You both win.

Custom Notifications

Add your own message to any page by using your own images and colors as well as inserting dynamic variables from your Conversion Data. MyNotify lets you create on-site messages for any page, with zero coding letting your customers “see”, “feel” (even smell) your products.

Notifications that really converts

Choose any type of notification and preview it live. Edit and customize your Widget. Set your notification icon, title color, text, link. Add Personalization in your messages like {name} , {company} and {location} that will automatically personalize to your visitor without any coding skills.

*Click on the carousel items and see how the notification looks like.

“Mynotify is one of those apps that can only help increase conversions through basic human psychology.”

Tia Holt

Strategic Profit

Let your website do the talking by showing live website data

Mynotify shows your visitors live data from your online store, like what item is on sale and how many people buying it. These notifications create powerful effects like Social Proof and FOMO, that automatically boosts your sales and sign-ups .

Automatic data capture

Simply put the url where the conversion is done, Mynotify will take care of the rest. Simple and useful.

Add Mynotify To Your Website or any CMS Platform

Mynotify can be used in every major website-builder and CMS.
Adding the notification is easy, and can be managed from your Mynotify account.

Maximize your conversions by +120%

Sign up in seconds and add Mynotify without writing a code.