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Increase Property Sales and Value

Social Proof Notifications show your visitors that there is interest in a property, displaying when someone books a viewing. Social Proof helps to create a “Hot Market,” increasing the number of transactions and the value of each sale. The FOMO feeling is a major driver in real estate sales. Enhance that feeling with Mynotify.

A “Hot” market reduces the time taken to sell a house by 40% (from 25-15 weeks)
Easy to install, create and use the tool like a piece of cake. The price is too competitive and reasonable. It’s extremely useful for anyone who has a website and wants to increase conversions ratio.


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Why real-time Social Proof Is Essential For Real Estate Marketing

98% of Millennial buyers find their home online, but the average customer visits many properties before committing to one.

In 2019, the average buyer visited 10 homes across 10 weeks before making a decision.
National Association of Realtors (United States)

Reduce Average Days On the Market

Increase Your Average Sold Price

Generate More Transactions and Revenue

Reduce Days On The Market

By integrating MyNotify with your scheduling apps, you can show whenever someone books a house viewing or makes an offer. Latest Conversion Notifications create scarcity, increasing the desire of potential buyers to take action.

In the UK, it takes 38.5% longer to sell a house in October than it does in March – because there is less competition between buyers.

Increase Your Average Sold Price

Enhancing a property’s listing with Informational Notification helps to create a feeling of urgency. Knowing that others are interested in the same property encourages a potential buyer to take action. It also makes them more likely to meet the property’s asking price.

Buyers often lower their bid if a house has over 30 DOM (Days on the market). A “Buyers Market” increases time-to-sell and lowers house prices.

Recreate the “Kerb Appeal” Online

The quality of the neighbourhood is a key decision-making factor for 63% of 29-38 year-olds. Review Notifications allow you to show real feedback from local residents, increasing the number of people to take action or make an offer.

Providing the right details on a listings site like RightMove can increase a property’s clicks/day by over 200%

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