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Get More Sign-Ups And Reduce Churn

MyNotify helps lessen churn by automating tutorials, product tours and milestones, whilst Social Proof Notifications help to get more sign-ups.

Most SaaS companies lose 75% of users in week 1 and Half of free-trials do not generate any revenue.

I like how easy Mynotify is to setup and the customer support has been positive.


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Why its important to reduce your churn rate

Getting new customers is 5X more expensive than keeping them.
That’s why SaaS businesses make the vast majority of their money through recurring revenue.

Reduce spend on acquisition

Put more money into

Build a reputation for
happy users

Why Nudges are the smart way to
reduce churn AND help requests

Your support staff are overstretched. MyNotify reduces help requests
and improves customer retention by addressing three key problems.

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Wasted Time

You spend too much time and effort on Freemium accounts


Social Proof

MyNotify is a set-and-forget system, so no maintenance is needed

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Ghost Features

Customers miss key features that your solution actually has



You can draw attention to any feature at any stage

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Forgettable UX

Customers use your product once and then leave


Custom Notifications

Celebrating milestones and performance metrics lets you highlight your value

Increase “Week 1 Retention” by 50%

By providing instructions and support inside your app, Widgets show your customers how to use your tool and encourage them why they should subscribe.

Just adding a welcome message and onboarding sequence to your product is proven to keep an extra 50% of your leads interested.

Make your product totally addictive

Celebrating milestones with positive Notifications and removing frustration with in-app instructions can make your software more fun and turn it into a habit.

Experts believe we check our phones 150 times a day – because it makes us feel good. By making it more fun, you can increase the use of your software.

Gather feedback and respond easily

Statistics can only tell you what your customers are doing. Notifications allow you to request feedback at key points in the user journey.

According to the Harvard Business Review, products and features perform 20% better when people know they were suggested by users.

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