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Easy to set up

Simply copy and paste the MyNotify pixel into the header of your site.

Custom settings

Change the timing, position, and display rules for each campaign.

Zapier Integration

Send conversion events from your CMS via Zapier or a custom webhook.

Your #1 social proof tool for your website

Increase your website engagement and conversions with psychological triggers.

Build credibility with Hot Streaks.

Create scarcity with Live Visitor Count.

Boost confidence with Recent Activity.

Improve each step of the
user experience

MyNotify shows relevant social proof notifications on each page, reducing the bounce rate on your e-Commerce, Travel or SaaS website.

Easily integrates with the most popular tools and CMS

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The Complete Guide to FOMO Marketing

The Complete Guide to FOMO Marketing

WHAT IS FOMO? Fomo is the “Fear of Missing Out,” and is one of the most common feelings we human beings get, especially millennials. But what is FOMO? FOMO is those moments when...

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“Mynotify’s tiny little widget boosted my conversion rate of up to 15% within just 72 hours of installing it on my website! Wow.”


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