Social Proof for Travel Brands

Sites like use Social Proof and FOMO to attract customers and close sales earlier. Using MyNotify, you can sell more flights, rooms and extras.

Social Proof notifications show customers the most popular destinations and FOMO notifications get them to book early.

Saw quick results in all our websites using Mynotify. Our organic leads were doubled in the first month and still seeing an increase in conversions. Its been incredible.

Michael Goldie

Bizz Finance

Improve sales with more bookings

Selling flights early and getting rooms booked up means you can build you business faster.

Build a snowball
from word-of-mouth

Expand and explore new regions

Build relationships with
new customers

How Travel Brands uses Social Proof to get more bookings

The average hotel website sells to 2-5% of visitors, but’s conversion rate is over twice as high.

This is how they thrive in a tough industry…

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Nervous Flyers

Not everyone is a long-haul globe trekker, which limits your sales


Social Proof

Showing recent bookings and reviews help to build trust, so customers know they can travel with confidence

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Late Bookings

Customer’s don’t book early enough, so you can’t plan



Time limits and limited-availability Widgets encourage customers to book early

Without MyNotify
With MyNotify

Tight Margins

Offering a great deal while making a profit is almost impossible


Custom Notifications

Custom Notifications allow you to upsell and cross-sell, increasing your margins

Set deadlines so customers book early

FOMO Widgets show when a package is almost sold out. That creates urgency and encourages your customers to book sooner rather than later.

Urgency Widgets attach time limits to your offers. A deadline stops your customers hesitating.

Earlier bookings mean you can offer your customers a better deal.

Help travelers pick better holidays

Social Proof notifications show real information about recent bookings and customer satisfaction. That helps to build confidence and trust automatically from the travelers.

By displaying your certificates, guarantees and reviews, you show your customers that they can travel with confidence. That could help turn a short break into a long-haul adventure.

Upsell to improve your margins

Custom Notifications allow you to upload your own images, so you can show customers exactly what they’re being offered or expose them to other options.

Whilst revenues grow, added costs mean the margins for travel businesses are getting thinner.

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