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How to install MyNotify with Unbounce?

1.) Get your MyNotify code

Login to your MyNotify account and click on the elipsis button from the campaign you want to install on your website.

2.) Copy your MyNotify code

Click on the “Copy Pixel” button.

3.) In the Unbounce builder, navigate to the page where you’d like to install and click the Javascripts button at the bottom of the Unbounce Builder. A new dialog box will appear.

4.) In the new dialog box, paste the code that you copied from Facebook. Enter “Facebook Pixel” in the Script Name field and select the Head option in the Placement drop-down menu. Once you’ve completed all these steps, click the Done button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

5.) Select the Form Confirmation Dialog tab in the top left corner of the builder. Note: this is necessary if you want to track form submissions. Note: When pasting the Facebook Pixel script into your Form Confirmation Dialog javascript section, make sure you remove the 12th line of code if you don’t want to see a page view event when the FCD loads.

6.) Save and republish your landing page in Unbounce.

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