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How to send data to MyNotify using Zapier?

A direct integration is being created for this tool. Follow the steps below to capture data from your website and allow MyNotify to display it on your website.

1.) Get your MyNotify code

Login to your MyNotify account and click “Install script” on the left navigation bar.

2.) Copy your MyNotify code

Select “Copy code” from the section.

3.) In Zapier create a new zap: (Click Make a Zap! at the top right) OR Select an existing zap.

  • Trigger: Select the Trigger, search your app and configure it. In this tutorial we will use Gravity Forms.
  • Copy the webhook URL from your zap and paste it into your gravity forms zapier section.
  • Action: Click Choose App select Webhooks by Zapier Action
  • Select POST and hit Continue (to data of products, use the Custom Request option)


URL – set the Webhook you copied from MyNotify

Payload Type – select JSON
Data – if you’re NOT using Stream notifications skip this.
if you are using Stream, email is the only required field:

  • Left side inputs are the keys / identifier of the data, possible options
  • Right side inputs are the corresponding values, you should click the + button and select the values from the dropdown (these are collected automatically by Zapier from the Trigger step)

The rest should be untouched (Wrap Request In Array (no), File, Unflatten, Basic Auth, Headers)

Done. Now you can see through the latest conversion notification when someone fills up your gravity forms.

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